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Ringworm is a fungal skin infection that affects not only humans but other warm-blooded animals as well like sheep, horses, dogs, cattle, rabbits and even purring cats. This skin infection appears on humans mostly on areas like the nails, feet, scalp and groin. These funguses are termed as dermatophytes and the main reason they stay on humans and animals is that they feed on a hair mineral known as keratin. They also prefer to stay on warm and moist areas.

Although ringworm is not that dangerous to one's health, they still can be embarrassing and annoying. It is a very itchy infection that can affect the lives of humans and animals. The fungi can be easily passed on from person to person, person to animal, animal to animal and animal to person. Thus, if your cat has ringworm, you need not wonder if in the next few days you will see some signs of ringworm growth in your skin, too. But, why wait for your cat to pass the fungi on you if you can actually cure them in the first place. How?

Here are some home remedies that you could use to get rid of ringworm from your cats:

• Vinegar - especially apple cider vinegar. The vinegar will help relieve your cat from the itchiness brought about by the infection and gradually eliminate the fungi itself as well. Cats do not like the smell of the vinegar, though, that is why it would be best if you dilute 1 tablespoon of vinegar in 1 cup of water before using it. Using a cotton ball or cotton tip, dip it into the diluted mixture and slowly dab it on the ring area 3 - 5 daily for 1 week. You also have the option to totally lather the mixture on your cat to get rid of the spores too.

• Grapefruit - specifically, grapefruit seed extract. You can purchase this at any health stores or pharmacies and dilute it in water. Dab a cotton ball on this mixture and apply it on the affected area twice daily.

• Garlic - crushed, sliced or made into a paste. Depending on what you prefer, crushed, sliced or past, rub it on the affected area several times a day. You may also mix it with other mustard seeds or aloe vera extract if you want.

• Goldenseal - Goldenseal tincture will definitely cure the ringworm. However, it should be done gently and should be applied on one spot per day. As much as possible, avoid putting on too much since it can be irritating for the cat.

• Raw juice - specifically, carrot juice plus spinach juice. This combination have been tested and proven to provide great effects on the ringworm.

• Neem - Make a paste out of neem leaves and turmeric powder. Neem and turmeric powder are known to have antifungal properties. These two can help get rid of the skin infection.

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